You will not get theoretical knowledge coming from a lesson book but an individual training.

All language trainers come from a professional business background and have long-standing practical experience.

Jocelyne Fletcher

As a Canadian, I love nature. Come with me on a hike through the English language.

Kelle O'Connor Yanouri

I am your US Trainer for your very own personalized "Way of English"

Anke Türk

Music is my passion, as well as languages. Together we will bring you and English into harmony.

Elisa Stanley

Living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, I love to hike and see the beautiful rewarding views. Step by step I'll help you get to your reward too.

Mia Aghajari

Life is a journey. Mine started in Canada and brought me over to Germany. I am looking forward to accompany you on your English learning journey.

Tatjana Schutte

As a world champion in ring tennis I'm used to conflict situations so I'm happy to join you in the ring.

Christine Fischer

Relaxation + laughter are important when learning...
That's why I love to do yoga in my spare time and I know how important laughter is in the classroom.

Ken Lawlor

I'm from Dublin, Ireland, but the world is my home. Let me help you connect with more people and places around the globe.

Alesia Decker

I live in New York, USA and enjoy travelling. German roots as my grandfather and grandmother grew up in Sasbachwalden, Germany. I love to communicate and socialize with you and exchange ideas from continent to continent.

Monika Mertens

My motto is: the way is the goal.
Let us work together to make English your strength.

Bianca Miller

Let me join you on your language learning adventure.

Jeremy Woodward

Language should be all about communication. Communication broadens our understanding of each other and our place in the world. Above all, language should be fun!

Gary Gates

I’m an “Englishman” with a British sense of humour. I love my language and enjoy working with it as a trainer, focusing on your learning style and making English personal to you.

Stephanie Rahe

I am the creative head of it all and I have always been fascinated by people, their cultures and languages. I would like to support you in breaking through the linguistic boundaries of the world.

Melina Rahe

I have always been interested in foreign cultures and people, in all their diversity. Whatever your language challenge is, I will always have an open ear for you and provide you with the best suited offer.