Communication and Conflict Management

Do your discussions not lead to the desired result? Is your feedback ignored by others? Do you have difficulty getting your meaning across? Do your conversations often digress?

Wrong interpretations of communication can lead to misunderstandings and even conflicts.

In this training you will learn how to recognise and off-set these misunderstandings at an early stage. Together we will look at your own past experiences and find out at what point communication broke down and in the worst cases lead to conflict. You will learn to better read the verbal and nonverbal signs of your conversation partner and to understand and consider different needs in your language and behaviour.

Upon completion of the seminar you will be able to prepare efficiently for various types of conversation partners and situations and have discussions that lead to the desired results

The final topics of the training can be adjusted to meet the individual requirements of your business.

We would be glad to submit a personalized offer to your company.

  • The training costs include all individually prepared training documents.
  • Upon completion you will earn a certificate.


Topics of the workshop

Basics of communication
Verbal and nonverbal communication
Questions and active listening
Non-aggressive communication
Feedback techniques: How to criticise without being personal
Recognise and alleviate conflicts
Friendly advice



Training Location

· in-house at your premises
· in one of our locations
· online