Intercultural Training
United States

Sometimes companies underestimate the difficulties that might occur when doing business with the United States.

“Why didn't the Americans like our presentation? It was successful in Germany.”
“Why do we often fail in our negotiations with Americans?”
“What is important for me to know before I send my staff to the U.S.? How can I win new contacts and plan my future in United States?”

Learn about American values and ways of thinking, their dealings and communication styles. Get insights about the private and professional life in the United States, negotiation styles, business etiquette and the importance of small talk.

Only people with a deep understanding for cultures can generate business successfully beyond boundaries and maintain long-term relationships.

Possible topics:

  • Intercultural communication
  • Important facts
  • Life in the US
  • Work in the US
  • Business etiquette
  • Small talk
  • Styles in meetings and negotiations
  • Winning respect and trust
  • Cultural differences

The final topics of the training can be adjusted to meet the individual requirements of your business.
We would be glad to submit a personalized offer to your company.

The training costs include all individually prepared training documents and refreshments.
Upon completion you will earn a certificate.



Upon completion you will earn a certificate.


optional German or German/English or English

Training Location

· in-house at your premises
· in one of our locations
· online


Required language level for trainings in English: Level B1/B2