Intercultural Training Global/
Cultural Awareness

Do you work on international teams and sometimes lack the right understanding of each other?

Sometimes you find yourself wondering:

“Why does our Polish colleague approach the project in a different way than we do?”
“Why is our French colleague always late for meetings?”
“Why don’t my American colleagues reply to my emails?”

Small issues, but issues that nonetheless make you lose valuable time and can hinder the success of your business.
Intercultural skills include being able to deal with people from different cultures in an appropriate and successful way. This is the only way to cooperate with people from different nationalities and have everyone satisfied. Emotional competence and intercultural sensitivity are of utmost importance.

The aim of this workshop is for you to learn about and understand your foreign colleagues and customers from a different (their own) perspective. You will come to understand their reasons, adopt new ways of thinking and enrich your understanding of the values of various cultures. This makes your everyday business life easier and contributes to the success of your company in cooperation with different cultures.

In this workshop, through practical exercises and tips, you will gain a better understanding of each other’s values and expectations.

Possible topics:

  • Inner and outer values and expectations
  • Change of perspective
  • Cultures
  • Relevant functional language
  • Ways of conduct

To enable us to individually focus this workshop, you will receive a questionnaire to inform us about your personal goals and expectations.
Training costs include all individually prepared training documents and beverages provided during the training.
Upon completion you will earn a certificate.



Group Size

max. 8 participants


German or German/English or English
(please choose your language with your registration)

Training Location

· in-house at your premises
· in one of our locations
· online


Day 1: 9:00 – 17:00 h including breaks

Day 2: 9:00 – 14:00 h including breaks


Upon completion you will earn a certificate.


Required language level for trainings in English: Level B2